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Audio Post Services

From podcasts to personal music projects, you can rely on our audio engineers to produce the sound you need! We even do audio-post for films, so keep us in mind for your next video project. We are a one-stop-shop for all your audio needs, whether it be editing, mixing, or mastering services. 


Whether it’s a podcast or your newest single, we’ll work with you to craft it and get it sounding professional! We’ll help you optimize the structure, story and sounds of your project and can even add additional instrumentation or music to help them shine.


We understand how difficult it can be to edit your audio projects; deciding what to keep, what to edit out, and how to build a natural flow. At You Want Pizzazz, you can rely on our audio engineers to cut out the non-essential, and help you build a clear, more concise narrative.


When it comes to producing a professional product, mixing is an important part of the process. Our audio engineers will ensure that levels are consistent, background noise is reduced, and all verbal clicks and pops are removed.


Mastering is the final step in the process, which serves as the finishing touches before distributing your audio project. Our audio technicians will ensure that your overall sound is balanced, smooth, and meets all broadcast/streaming requirements.



At You Want Pizzazz, we provide professional producing, mixing and mastering services that will meet the standards of major record labels. We can add production and instrumentation to your songs to really help them pop. Whether you need drums, bass, keys or just some background elements to fill out the mix, we have the experience and the gear to make your music sound great.


Our audio engineers specialize in editing, mixing, and mastering podcasts. Trust our producers and editors to transform your raw audio into a finished, professional product with a more polished sound. We also offer production and composing services to help you shape the story and tone of your podcast to be as original and captivating as possible.