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Stop Premiere Pro from Crashing!

Does Premiere Pro keep crashing and you have no idea why? Here are some possible solutions to stop this from happening!

Solution #1: Switch to Mercury Playback Engine Software Only

  • Open up Premiere pro and go to File -> Project Settings -> General
  • Under Video Rendering and Playback, switch the Renderer to Mercury Playback Engine Software Only

Solution #2: Update Premiere Pro

  • Open up the Adobe Creative Cloud on your computer and make sure to update Premiere Pro to the latest version.

Solution #3: Delete Media Cache

  • Click Premiere Pro -> Preferences -> Media Cache
  • Under Media Cache Filesclick the Delete button to remove all media cache files.

Solution #4: Alter RAM Usage

  • Click Premiere Pro -> Preferences -> Memory
  • Make sure that the RAM Reserved for other applications is at the lowest possible GB. You can change this by dragging the number to the left.

Solution #5: Close All Other Applications

  • If you have any other applications open, try closing them. This may help reduce crashes.

Solution #6: Use Proxies

  • If you’re working with 4K footage, I recommend using proxies.
  • Learn how to make proxies by watching this video.