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What is Motion Graphics?

What is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics? Animation? What’s the difference? Well, motion graphics is actually a type of animation that specifically relates to graphic elements and text. Through the combination of sound, motion, and graphic design, we can bring movement to these static elements.

Character animation is a little different from motion graphics because it involves designing, rigging, and bringing characters to life in order to tell a story. Motion graphics are more about providing a visual aid, as well as outlining and emphasizing information and ideas. They are chic, professional, and more appropriate for corporate video content.


Uses for Motion Graphics

Some of the earliest uses of motion graphics were featured in Alfred Hitchcock’s, Psycho. This movie intro was created by American graphic designer, Saul Bass.

Movie intros are just one of the many uses of motion graphics.

They can be used to create ads, title sequences, music videos, explainer videos, and many more.

The possibilities are endless!


Motion Graphics Software

If you want to get started with motion graphics, I definitely recommend After Effects. It’s a part of the Adobe Creative Suite and the program is used for animation, motion graphics & visual effects. This Adobe program has hundreds of effects that can be used to manipulate video, and it is available on both Mac and Windows computers. If you are looking to get started with After Effects, make sure to check out the You Want Pizzazz YouTube channel.